Carrie Young and Arun Prabhakaran have been married since 2001. The both grew up in Northeast Ohio and moved to Philadelphia in the ’90s. Now they live in Mount Airy, where they’re raising two children.

Arun is Indian, and Carrie is white. Carrie’s family accepted Arun, but his family was part of a close-knit Indian community, where arranged marriage was the norm.¬†When he finally brought Carrie to meet his parents at their home, she was asked to leave.

“My dad said, ‘Leave, and don’t come back,'” says Arun.

After that, the family tensions continued for years. During that time the couple’s love and commitment to each other didn’t waver.

Finally, his parents agreed to meet with Carrie and accepted her.

“It had been four years of trying to marginalize me out of a choice that I had already committed to,” Arun says.

When they got married, it was one of the first-mixed race marriages to be accepted by at least some of Arun’s Indian community, and their union helped begin to change attitudes.

The couple are raising their children to be aware of their multicultural heritage, celebrating holidays including Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Diwali. Sometime soon they hope to take the children on a trip to India.

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