The India Interracial wedding saga continuous in every nuke and corner of this world as we always say Love has no boundaries. Today, we get to introduce a new couple for our readers. It’s about Caroline and Vikram.
Caroline Margaret Rovli, an American bride, who acquired the Hindu name ‘Vishakha’. She fell in love with Vikram Kamath and married him on December 31, 2018. The marriage was held at Raghuvamsha Nivas in Karnataka’s Puttur.caroline-vikram
Vikram Kamath hails from Mangaluru, who works at an insurance company in the US. Caroline and Kamath met each other around four years ago and turned lovers over the course of time.
As per Hindu traditions, the girl has to be entrusted to the care of the groom through ‘Kanyadan’.
The bride’s parents were not present at the ceremony so, the couple Gopikrishna Shenoy and Radhika Shenoy took the role of Caroline’s parents and completed the ‘Kanyadan’ ritual. K Vishwas Shenoy and Shanti Shenoy received Caroline as their daughter-in-law.
Vishakha in Indian traditional silk saree tied the knot with Vikram through Sapta Padi and exchanging of garlands. Vikram, who accompanied her to his native place, married her with the help of his relatives.

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