Exchange students are studying in various universities of India. Many of the students who study has achieved the best ranks as well. here is the story of one such student. Ms. Mwayi Mindozo is a Malawian exchange student who joined Kuriakose Elias College, Mannanam, Kottayam, Kerala for pursuing her post-graduate course in MSW (Master of Social Works) under MG University, also known as Mahatma Gandhi University.
In Kuriakose Elias College (KE College), one seat is reserved for an international student in the social works department. Thus Mr. Mindozo reached Kerala and joined the course for the 2018-20 academic year at KE College. The MG University declared the results for the course earlier this month and Ms. Mindozo emerged as the 9th rank holder.
Currently, Ms. Mindozo works as a counselor and mental health activist in Malawi. This is the first time in which an exchange student from the African continent could achieve such a feat in any Indian university. The success by Ms. Mindozo shows how hard work and faith let anyone achieve their goals if they are determined enough to get their things done.

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