Anything and everywhere is a canvas for an artist. So uses paper as canvas whereas other uses cloth and so does many others. The subjects and canvasses depend on the artist’s choices. This is Rahul, a graphic designer from Kerala, who chose to draw on leaves.

He used to draw on various platforms using various tools. The best things about him are the skill to draw pictures using pens in a jiffy. Even if traveling in a train, or busy with doing some chores he finds time to draw pictures.

Rahul draws pictures on dried leaves as the color of the dried leaves gives a perfect background which makes the pictures drawn to get reflected in a good way.

Rahul is also good at portraiting the images of Hindu deities and Kerala cultural figures. he sensibly uses the suitable colors to represent the figures. The colors he uses defines the mood of the image and it clearly gets conveyed to the person who sees them.

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