Says that he sees the limits of love neither countries nor any culture because it is love. It had got its uniqueness when it comes to interracial love. Such an interracial love story happened between these two; Asuka Yonemori and Chaitanya Bhandare.

Groom Chaitanya Bhantare and bride Asuka Yonemori

Chaitanya is the founder of a rising business venture called IJ-AAI Corporation, which is a Member of the Kyoto Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Chaitanya studied Oceanography and Aquaculture at Barkatullah University and at the National Institute of Aquaculture. After his studies in India, he moved to Japan, where he continued his research studies at Kyoto University.


After his studies, he started working and ended up starting his own firm which focuses on healthcare, agriculture, solar energy etc. During his stay in Kyoto, he met with a medical student named Asuka Yonemori. They became good friends, and their friendship later turned into love.

The bride's friend, who came to India for the wedding

Bride’s friend

Asuka is a gynecology specialist at Kyoto Shimbun Specialist hospital. When they decided to get married, they wanted it to happen in a unique manner. Asuka had good knowledge about India, its culture and economy. Being in the healthcare field, she wished that her wedding would happen with people who would love to witness some happy moments in their life.

Chaitanya and Asuka, in full Indian wedding regalia

Thus the couple chose an old-age home in Maharashtra, India as the venue of their marriage rather than a hall or a hotel or even a temple; they were blessed with prayers from more than 50 loving residents. Instead of receiving gifts for themselves, the bride and groom distributed clothes to their wedding guests. The dress that the couple chose to wear for their wedding was white and simple. A friend of Asuka accompanied her from Kyoto and attended the wedding too. Asuka and Chaitanya’s Hindu wedding ceremony took place in August 2015 with a reception being held thereafter. After the couple returned to Kyoto, they held another wedding ceremony, this time following Japanese tradition.

Asuka (left) puts a wedding garland on her husband Chaitanya (right) during their Hindu ceremony

The Indo-Japanese couple is settled in Japan, where they both are now working.

3 thoughts on “Asuka and Chaitanya: The story of an Indian entrepreneur who fell in love with a Japanese doctor

  1. Chaitanya you are MARATHAWADA RATNA & I hope you will awarded in future by Bharat Ratna.

  2. I wish the happy couple all the very best. Yeah, Love has no boundries. I myself had come to England to join LSE as I was keen to pursue my future in the diplomatic field on my return to India. Well that was my plan, but then a perchance meeting!, I met a Scottiash girl and instantly fell in love, later blissfully married for 50 years till her final departure to heaven four years ago. The most wonderful years we had were a joy to behold She was loved by all in India as well for her captivating smile.
    Love and happiness has no boundries. I wish you both a happy future in LOVE.

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