Spread in six acres, three Bungalows which reminds you the Arabian style of architecture. Built like palaces, the photographs of aerial views of these houses makes you think that these structures are situated in some rich countries. But, these three houses are situated in the God’s own country, Kerala. Situated at Mankada in Malappuram district of Kerala, the houses belongs to a business conglomerate in middle east called as PT Group.

The land where the houses are built are situated was bought from the erstwhile royal family called Valluvanad. During the king’s rule, these places were under the rule of Valluvanad rajas and there where an old bungalow situated in this very place which belongs to the royal family; thus the place called Bungalowkunnu. The new owners demolished the old bungalow and built three new ones. One prominent feature of this plot is when viewed from any angle, the view never fades.

The owners of the house demanded the architect Mr. Jabar Bin Ahamed to built three houses which suit the heritage and elegance of the land. These structures justified their demand, thus making PT Bungalows as the largest Bungalow Complex in India.

Designed in royal classic style, each house is situated at an area of 25000 square feet. Though these three houses look alike at a glance, yet they are unique in their own means. Each house is built in Royal Classic with Greek, Royal Classic with Iranian Style and Royal Classic with Antique styles respectively.

The furnishings are all done by specially customized items imported from Saudi Arabia, China, Indonesia and Turkey after their designs were drawn b the architect. A 1.5 ton Gran Chandelier decorated the main hall.


A mixture of various metals with antique gold is used to build the staircase railings. The interiors of all the three houses are equipped with latest technology automation with which curtains, doors, lightings and safety systems can be operated.  Only the kitchens are built to the contemporary designs.

A vast landscaping has been done to all three houses. The floorings are done using posh Italian marbles. All the furniture are custom made. All the bungalows are equipped with swimming pool, gym, conference hall etc. A total of 90 lakhs INR ( USD 13,965,846)  has spent to build these three bungalows and it took five years to complete the project.

The housewarming was held as a three-day event in May 2017 with the presence of people from all walks of life. The house situated near the higher secondary school at Mankada, is still being visited by people from distant places.

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About the architect

The architect, Mr. Jabar Bin Ahamed runs a design firm called Pearl architects and is in the field of designing since 2001. he has offices in Kerala and UAE. He is unique in designing multiple structures in contemporary, traditional and royal style. Visit Pearl Architects here.

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