Every romance starts with a friendship. Some wise men already said that best friends make the best lovers. Such things happened in between Apoorva and Alexander. Coming from different backgrounds of race, religion, customs etc, the couple met and became friends at a neutral place and decided to get married after knowing each other. Apoorva hails from an Indian Brahmin family and Alexander is a French man.

Apoorva Shanbogue was doing her masters in Business Administration in a college in Singapore. Alexander Persen was an MBA student at another college in the country. Both are engineering graduates. The couple met when Alexander came to Apoorva’s college for a Badminton tournament, where they happened to face each other in one match, which Apoorva defeated Alexander. Hence they became friends and gradually she defeated his heart too!.
When informed their parents about getting married, the parents of the bridegroom were extremely happy and they readily accepted their children’s wishes. Hence the families united at Gopala Krishna Temple, Kuthyala. Alexander’s parents Persan and Angus flew to India from France along with their closest relatives for the wedding.

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