In a simple by beautiful ceremony, American woman Angel La Joy Clay became in-laws with Kerala. She married a young man from Chengannur, Kerala at Saraswati Vedic Gurukul (A gurukul is a traditional school in India with students (shishya) living near their guru, often in the same dwelling, as a sort of family.) Kishore Raj is an Indian guy who works at US military base camp in Afghanistan. Angel is a veteran.
The Couple met through social media and became good friends and later they decided to get married. She came to India to get married as per the Indian traditions. She chose an Indian name Agnidevi (the goddess of fire).
It was a simple ceremony held at the serene gurukul environment and the grooms’ parents were able to attend the wedding. Angel’s parents couldn’t arrive in India for their daughter’s wedding. The Blindian couple looks so beautiful in their white wedding dress. kishore was wearing a White shirt and White cotton dhoti with golden borders. Angel aka agnidevi was wearing a white Kerala saree with minimal jewelry.

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