In a country were several Indians honor killing their beloved ones to protect their so-called castes for marrying outside their community there are some happy stories which makes us believe that the world is a smaller place with interracial marriages are a common venture.

This is the story of Anastatha and Narendra, who broke all barriers to fulfilling their wish. Anastatha is a Russian national and Narendra is an Indian man. Anastastha works as an officer with the economics department in the Russian parliament. whereas Narendra is a bartender in Goa.

Anastatha had visited India on several occasions since she met Narendra three years ago and the couple fell in love. Narendra even visited Moscow once had met her there. Narendra belongs to a farmer family in the state of Madhya Pradesh where almost everyone in the family is into agriculture. Narendra, on the other hand, had tried several jobs and eventually ended up in a resort at Goa as a bartender.The couple met and they fell in love and decided to marry.

The couple getting married in a court

But their marriage wouldn’t be acceptable for the groom’s family due to their orthodox beliefs. So, they straightway presented themselves at a local court and got legally married in the presence of a magistrate and Narendra’s friends as witnesses. Thus this Interracial wedding was solemnized on October 2026, under the special marriage act of 1954.

Narendra has applied for green card and soon he will fly to Moscow and will start living with his wife and hope they make a great family there.

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