Chosu Monkusul is a student from Mongolia who is doing MBA in Kerala. She is studying at the University of Calicut’s Department of Commerce and Management Studies. As a part of Covid 19 preventive measure, when the nationwide lockdown was announced on March 23, she had to vacate her hostel room too. She didn’t get time to leave India as well. Thus she shifted to varsity’s guest house. Though the stay was secured, there was no option for serving her food requirements. No hotels or cafeterias were working too. Plus, being a student, buying commodities, and cook her food is not economical as well.
It was then, Mr. Pradeepkumar VC, the staff at the University of Calicut came forward. Being a resident near the university he and his family didn’t found it difficult to prepare food for her. Jaya, his wife is a teacher at AR Nagar Higher Secondary School cooks the Mongolian recipes by referring the youtube videos. According to Jaya, she cooks Kerala dishes for breakfast, but for lunch and dinner, she needs to cook Mongolian dishes or Biriyani varieties. Since lockdown, it’s been more than a month Chosu is fed by Jaya and Pradeep. This Kerala family reminds us that this pandemic days are also a time for caring and sharing.

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