Amazon look-alike view in India? You won’t believe this if we said that such a place exists in India. The thick dense rainforest and mighty Amazon river passing through is a beautiful sight for any traveler. It is not that economical and easy for a person from the eastern side to reach out to South America and visit the lungs of the planet.

Hence, we have a new tourist spot to be explored like any of the unsung tourist spots in India. It is called the Amazon viewpoint. This place is located in the Edavanna Grama Panchayat, Malappuram district of Kerala, India. The place is officially called Othayi. Surrounded by hills on its three sides and the gorgeous Chaliyar river on the fourth side, Othayi is such a beautiful place when is it is viewed from the hills.

At one point Chaliyar makes a U-turn, which makes the place lookalike Amazon rain forest and it is at this place, the local tourists fondly called it as Amazon Viewpoint.
How to reach?
The nearest airport is Calicut International Airport which is 15kms away. If traveling by road, one can reach Chathalloor by traveling 7kms from Edavanna. If traveling from Manjeri, you can reach Othayi after crossing Seethu Haji Bridge. Upon reaching Othayi, turn right 100 meters away from the bus waiting shed at Othayi. Traveling 2kms through this path will lead you to the base of the hill. One can reach up to 150 meters near to the viewpoint in their vehicle unless it is raining in and around.

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