Vaheeda Dimanalavo was Filipino national, who was working in Dubai with a private firm back in 2004 were she met Thajudheen Ali Ahammed, an man from Kerala, India who was also working there then. The duo used to meet regularly and they started loving each other and decided to marry. Thus an Ind-Filipino romance end up in a interracial marriage. After their marriage, the couple came to India, were they started living with Thajudheen’s family at Kottakkal, in Malappuram district of Kerala, India.

Ever since she started living in India, she had a strong desire to be recognized as an Indian citizen and she started inquiring the process involved in it. Though it involves a tough rule that one should live in India for more than seven years to be qualified to apply for Indian citizenship. She was ready to wait, in the meantime she had to renew her visa every year.

During her stay in India, she gave birth two beautiful angels, Fathima Harshari & Sara jasmine, doing their studies in the school at their father’s place. Fathima is the eldest who completed her matriculation and now doing her secondary school courses where the later is doing her upper primary classes.

Ever since she reached India, Vaheeda went to her homeland in Philippines only once in 2007 to meet he relatives there. Soon after she completed her seven years stay in India, she had applied for citizenship and waiting for all these years, which ends on January 9th, 2017 when she reached the collectorate at the district headquarters in Malappuram to receive the documents regarding her citizenship. in her 12 years stay in India, she could speak Malayalam, the native language of her husband, also she is glad that her daughters speak Malayalam fluently.


image courtesy:Manorama

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