Sometimes, it’s hard to believe that we live in 2017; when you happen to hear hate stories about skin color. Interracial couples are targeted in racial attacks since a long time now and sadly, stories of such hate attacks are hearing today also. In the latest incident, an Indian-Swedish couple gets death threats just because, the husband is dark skinned.

Moa W Svensson is a Swedish woman who is married to an Indian guy named Markus. Moa is a blogger as well as a Youtube Vlogger.In her Vlogs, Moa documents heir life as parents to their beautiful newborn baby girl, Milla.

Om man var såhär snygg varje dag när man vaknade 👌

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Moa posts videos on Youtube every week and recently she posted one featuring her Husband Mark and daughter Milla, where they take decisions regarding parenting. After she posted the video on Youtube, it was flooded with hate comments; only because of one reason which she is Ok, but not her viewers. The viewers judged that her husband Markus is ugly and she shouldn’t throw her life to live with him. Soon after the comments section was filled with hate comments Moa, turned off the commenting, but someone archived them and here are some ugly ones.

  1. It is her decision to think with whom she should live and after all, it’s her genes losers.
  2. Why on earth should she ask your opinion to marry her beloved man?
  3. Can you do them a favor? Leave that baby alone.
  4. Why are you people showing so much intolerance?

I cannot believe when I came to read a Reddit thread about this video which claims that some angry people even tracked down the couple’s home and send death threats to them.

Let the haters cry because they didn’t deserve such a great life. But, one must know that:-

  • Moa and Markus make a great couple.

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One thought on “Moa & Mark: A Whindian couple gets death threats just because the husband being dark skinned!

  1. This is scary! People threatening innocent babies is horrible. Moa is so pretty and her husband is cute. The color of their skin should not be a determining factor in whether they can have a good life or beautiful children.

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