The society usually evaluates the marital relationship between two individuals by considering their money, status in society and their lifestyle. We can hear some statements like; both are earning, they have a nice home, car etc.. The statements like they have everything could be heard among the people around them. But, the fact is being in a successful married life never based on such things. You can evaluate how good is your married life by considering these five facts.

1. Support each other
The era we live in is a period which brings changes from male-centered thoughts. The thoughts like a man go to work, the lady stays in the kitchen got expired. The present-day generation accepts the fact that the women have desires, aspirations, and dreams. The women also discarded thoughts like the husband needs to feed her and their family. Thus the regulations of a married life changed and the need for cooperation in married life started growing up. Supporting his partner and accepting their preferences gets importance these days. If a couple can support each other in ups and downs can be considered to be a great couple.

2. Facing adversities in time of distress
The news about some couple got separated amaze us. Some exclamations like ‘They were happy couples.’ used to rise from us when hearing such news. We can identify someone while facing a distress situation. It does not make sense that he/she was acting till that point. They lack the point of accepting and facing the distress situations in the same intensity which they took their happier moments. Are you able to face the distress situations just like you celebrated your happier moments? Then you are leading a great married life.
3. Try taking job along with married life
In most houses, both the husband and the wife goes to work. hen both have to take the responsibilities at work and office. It is a great skill to live a successful married life without mixing work with married life. Never keep your relationship aside due to the pressures from work. If your pressures and struggles get released while being with your partner, then you are leading a great married life. a great couple can cooperate and support in life and at work.

4. Is your partner a great friend?
Does your partner come under the list of close friends whom you can share everything you can say? Then other parameters are not required to judge your relationship. Your relationship is strong. The fact that you can open your heart with your partner defines the depth of your relationship.
happy couple
5. Married life is not just Romance
It is the romance that makes the partners in relationship happier at first. But, as going further the couple need to gain belief in each other and become equally cooperative. But, many couples failed to do so and try remaining in the romance. If going ahead in a married life only focussing on romance, such couples will surely face struggles in their life. It is a great lesson to learn that being in love with our partner means acting according to the situations while in a relationship.

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